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Poker Rooms Accepting Western Union Deposits

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Western Union is one of the most recognizable payment processors in the world. They are known worldwide through their televised marketing and available in more than 130 countries. This is great news for USA players since the odds of finding a Western Union dealer within your town or city is quite high. If you are having difficulties depositing to your favourite card room using your credit card you may want to look at Western Union. Their service is top notch and provides online tracking allowing you to see when your transaction was completed, plus this option allows you to deposit and request withdrawals from your account

Depositing To A Poker Account Using Western Union

Western Union is available wherever you see the WU logo. You will need to click the logo which should redirect you to a new page detailing instructions for the transfer. We do suggest you write these instructions down or print the screen because you will need to make sure that you have the proper spelling for the receiver’s name. Once you have all the necessary information simply login to the Western Union website or visit a local dealer to send your money. In most cases the funds should be received within an hour depending on how fast the card room is at processing these transactions.

Does Western Union Charge Any Fees?

Western Union will charge you a fee to send funds and this is the only negative we found to using this payment processor. Western Union determines these fees based on the amount of money being sent and the location of the sender and receiver. A typical Western Union fee can go as high as $50 for one transaction. Depending on which room you are playing at, and the amount sent, this could be waived for you. The fees charges will be paid in addition to your deposit amount, not subtracted from the total amount being sent.

Withdrawals Using Western Union

Most card rooms that accept Western Union transfers will also allow you to request withdrawals using this option. Normally there is a 10% fee deducted from the amount withdrawn however this can be waived for you depending on the room that you choose. Pokerstars, as an example does pay for the withdrawal fees processed by Western Union transactions.

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