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Playing Position In Poker

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Positioning at a poker table is always a concept that is under-recognized by so many players. Positioning of players and your own perception of these players is one of the secret techniques that many new players don't use or relatively hear much about. However, the positioning of players in regards to the button and blinds should help every player and should certainly be taken into account when making decisions on bluffing and bet patterns. All players need to understand the complex nature of positioning and be able to implement strategic maneuvers based on information that positioning can easily yield to an observant player

Positioning is really another method with which to gain information on a player, and conveniently positioning can be used in several manners. One way that the information can be helpful is to learn players play styles; another way is to make judgment calls on bluffs and betting patterns. The information that positioning can give you is the strongest in the first round of betting since there are no checks; however, it still matters a great deal on the following rounds of betting.

What are referred to as 'early' positions are typically the first three seats after the blinds. These three seats are the most dangerous to be in as a player because you are the first to bet. At first thought for a newer player, this may not seem like that bad a situation but in truth it has every disadvantage you could get. Being in that first seat, the most extreme spot of the early positions, is the fact that you need to determine without any other information on your opponents whether or not you should play your cards. This usually results in most players only playing their very best hands in these first few positions for that reason. At the same time, other players are going to have to determine whether or not you did play such a solid hand. In most cases they have to assume you did play a solid hand since you risked chips without any other knowledge

Middle position or the next three seats at the table are at a greater advantage than early positioned Poker PayPal Players because now they have some form of information. Either a player(s) has played his hand and bet or none of the first three have. If a player has played, it becomes a matter of you reading that player and understanding their play style. If no players have played, then in the first round of betting you have eliminated at least three players already. Now you have the advantage over the first three players because you only have to play against up to five players where the others were against eight players. Your odds and probabilities should adjust to reflect this alteration and automatically gives you the edge over the first three positions.

Late position players are obviously even more educated on the other players and the possible hands they hold or not. The last player has the greatest freedom of choice of all. It is these last three positions that bluffs and blind stealing will occur, and players should be aware of that. It is a good idea especially in tournaments, if a table is showing weak hands to think about chip stealing.

Positioning is important and although it holds relatively little information on its own, when combined with the information from other techniques and your understanding of the poker players you are at a table with, it becomes an amazing asset that you need to utilize.

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